Wisdom tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth is the villain of teeth and it can cause a lot of trouble and pain for people. People usually get rid of it as soon as it starts to ache and cause problems.

How is it removed?

Once our dentist recommends a wisdom tooth extraction, he will conduct a comprehensive exam of your mouth, and take multiple X-rays to help map and decide how to go about the extraction and surgery.

Once you are ready for surgery, a local anesthetic is applied through treatment to numb the area and tooth.

If you do not wish to be awake during the procedure, you might be given a sedative to help you relax.

Once numb, if the wisdom tooth has not come through the gum, a small slit will be made in the gum to access it.

Sometimes it is best to cut teeth into smaller parts and then extract it.


You might feel slight pressure when the tooth is extracted, however you will experience no pain at all throughout the procedure. If you do, tell your surgeon and he will give you more anesthetic. The surgery takes 30 minutes usually.

Post Surgery

  • If incision is made, dissolving sutures are used to seal the cut in the gum
  • A gauze might be placed over the extraction area and you might be asked to bite on it and keep pressure to let blood clot the tooth socket
  • You might be prescribed an antibiotic if you have an ongoing infection
  • Immediately after surgery:
    • Avoid rinsing mouth with liquid
    • Drinking alcohol or smoking
    • Drinking very hot or very cold liquids
    • Chewing hard snacks or food
    • Putting strain on facial muscles
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