Frenectomy Surgery

What is Frenectomy

Frenulum is a small fold of tissue or mucous membrane which performs a restraining function i.e. it does not let an organ in the body move too far from its place.

The frenum is a muscular connection between two tissues. The mouth consists of two frenums or frena.

One frenum connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth, called the lingual frenum, the other connects the inner portion of your upper lip to your gums, right above your two teeth in the front, known as the maxillary labial frenum.

These frena can at times create obstruction in the routine business of your mouth and hence the surgery is required to remove it.

A frenectomy is performed at our dental clinic & practice either inside the middle portion of your upper lip, called labial frenectomy, or under the tongue, known as lingual frenectomy.

It is a very common surgery that is done on newborns, children and adults. It is usually performed when the frenum is either too tight or positioned in the wrong place.

The removal of frenum does not cause any abnormality in the normal function of the mouth.

Symptoms of tongue tie and lip tie

  • Strained speech
  • Problems chewing food
  • Difficulty extending the tongue
  • Trouble touching the roof of the mouth with the tongue
  • A notch in the tip of the tongue
  • Lips that don’t close while resting
  • A gap between front teeth

The Advantages of Frenectomy

The procedure of frenectomy has given excellent results to patients. It has proven to give a better quality of life.

Labial frenectomy has multiple advantages including the reduction of oral discomfort, improvement of the overall look of a person by the removal of gap between the two upper front teeth, enhancement of the bite function and the boosting of self-confidence within individuals.

Lingual frenectomy serves to improve communication and self-expression as well as an increase in the appetite of a person as now he is able to eat properly, without obstruction.

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Frenectomy Surgery

About Laser Tratments

How is laser beneficial in dentistry?

There are a lot of benefits to the laser treatments we offer at our dental clinic and practice:

  • Versatile dental tools
  • Minimally invasive surgery device
  • Allows shorter treatment time
  • Allows you to heal faster
  • Reduces infection risks
  • Laser treatments are cutting edge and precise
  • Laser treatment can remove bacteria and symptoms more quickly and effectively then traditional treatments
  • It can control bleeding during surgery
  • Laser causes less loss of blood as compared to other dental therapies
  • Post treatment – most of the time pain less – discomfort

Is laser safe within dentistry?

Our clinic has professional Dental laser experts who are experienced in their fields and conduct laser treatments in accordance with accepted clinical practices and standards.

We use dental laser in our day to day dental treatments.

If you are not comfortable with the process or have any queries, please feel fee to discuss it with our laser experts and they will explain everything in detail until you are satisfied.

What laser we use?

We use UK made medical Diode laser by QLaze.

Medium: GaAlAs Laser Diode Class IV
Wavelength: 810 +- 10 nm (nanometres) also available in 980nm
Output Power: 0.1-5 watts
Operation: Continuous wave or pulsed at 10, 20, 50Hz & adjustable up to 20000 Hz
Pulse Width: 50ms, 30ms, 10ms & custom
Fibre Optic: FC 200-400um single file multi-mode
Aiming Beam: 650 nm red Diode laser 2 mW max – adjustable
Sterilization: Handpiece (single use)
Input Power: AC: 100 to 240v, 1amp 47-63Hz DC: 5.1v 5ampLaser category MD1104 GMDN 60340

British Institute Of Laser Dentistry – BILD

We are an active member of British institute of laser dentistry since 2014