Our Private Services and Fee


New Patient Examination – (Comprehensive)
Including 3D It-21 scan – Oral Cancer Screening and patient Education


Emergency – X-ray not included£55
Out of hours emergency visit – 24/7 (Charge per hour)£295
Temporary filling per tooth£95
Temporary Cementation of crown/bridge per tooth (PFM/metal)£95
 Temporary Cementation of crown/bridge per tooth (fully ceramic)£135
 Emergency Root Canal Treatment (RCT1)£295

X-rays – (Digital – Reduced X-Ray Dose)

Bitewing – Small£10
Extra Oral Bitewing£25
Orthopantomogram OPG£85
 Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)£185

Cosmetic Consultation/Scan

Cosmetic ConsultationFREE
iTero Scan – Digital photos an 3D digital scan£75

Paediatric Dentistry

Exam (including OHI/Fluoride varnish if indicated)£65
Filling (From)£175
Fluoride Application£25
Fissure Sealants (with Airflow)£125
Extraction (From)£145

Hygiene (From)

Hygiene Scale and Polish (Standard)£75
Airflow Stain Removal (Cosmetic)£105

Fillings (From)

Fillings (Amalgam filling)£95
Composite (tooth color filling)175
Attachments (Invisalign)£55
Splinting per Tooth/Attachment placement or removal£65

Root Canal Treatment (From)

Root Canal Treatment – Incisors & Canines£495
Root Canal Treatment – Premolars£555
Root Canal Treatment – Molars£695

*Laser root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment/Re-Root Canal Treatment with Dr. Banafshe Tehrani – DDS MClinDent MEndo RCSEd LDS RCS Specialist in Endodontics – Treatment done with a microscope

Consultation (Comes off the treatment price)£95
Root Canal Treatment – Incisors & Canines£645
Root Canal Treatment – Premolars£745
Root Canal Treatment – Molars£845
Re – Root Canal Treatment Price added£185

Restorations (From)

EMAX Crown£695
Zirconia Crown £795
Veneer  OFFER* WAS £995£795
Snap on Smile (per arch)£1880
Bridges (per unit)£745
Maryland bridge£1295
Cosmetic bonding£495
Single Tooth Cosmetic Crown / Veneer£995

Periodontal treatments (From)

Comprehensive Periodontal Assessment/review appointments (No X-ray Included)£75
Periodontal treatment (Per quadrant – 4 sessions)£285
Periodontal treatment (Per Arch – 2 sessions)£285
Peri-Implantitis (*not all cases accepted)495
Laser periodontal treatment£475

Extraction (From)

Complex extraction (broken or fractured teeth,
teeth with root canal treatment, retained roots, etc)
Upper arch wisdom tooth455
Lower arch wisdom tooth655

Implants – Straumann – Neaodent Implant System (From)

Treatment done by Dr. Ernest Lucas Taulé

Implant Consultation£95
Implant Placement (From) *(OFFER – £500 OFF was £1,895)£1,395
Implant Crown (From) *(OFFER – £500 OFF was £1,695)£1,195
Implant abutment (if needed)£350
Bone graft£600
Sinus lift procedure (lateral approach)£1995
Sinus lift procedure (crestal approach)£895
Implant Temporary Splint395
Implant Temporary Denture695

Dentures (From)

Full Denture (per jaw)£855
Acrylic Denture Partial (per jaw)£755
Valplast – Soft dentures£1395
Chrome Denture£1395


Sports Guard£395
Night Guard (Soft)£285
Semi hard splint£455
Hard splint Michigan splint£595
Nti splint£695

Tooth Whitening (From)

omniWHITE tooth whitening – (OFFER – was £795) £395
Laser Teeth Whitening£495
omniWHITE Tooth whitening – Home Kit + Laser Teeth Whitening – 16%£895
Zoom Tooth Whitening£795
Enlighten Tooth Whitening£995
omniWHITE Tooth Whitening – Top up syringe 16%£95


Invisalign Consultation – Including iTero Scan + PhotographyFREE
Invisalign i7       *(OFFER – was £1995) £895
Invisalign Lite  *(OFFER – was £2995) £1,995
Invisalign Full  *(OFFER – was £3995) £2,995
Retainer Fixed Per arch£195
Retainer Removable Per arch£185
Vivera Retainer (Removable) Per arch£270

Laser Treatments (From)

Cold sore£75
Labial frenectomy£695
Tongue frenectomy£645
Gum depigmentation£895

Please note

Some of the charges are starting (FROM) prices only and the quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment challenges.

Highly cosmetic treatments can carry significantly higher fees. 
A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs, difficulty and requirements.

Ask us about 12 month interest-free plan!
*Finance offered if total treatment is over £1000

For NHS prices please visit our NHS page

Our Grantees

Fillings – 1 year grantee

Crowns/Bridges/Veneers/Inlays/Onlay –  5 Years

Re-cementation (of crown/bridge made by us) free of charge – 1 year

Dentures (acrylic) – 1 years

Dentures (Metal) – 1 years

Please notice that the guarantee is only valid if you have maintained your regular checkup and hygiene appointments
(Our recalls are bases on NICE guidelines – UK!