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Your patient journey

1 – Arranging the Appointment

Once we have received your referral and any relevant radiographs/pictures we will contact your patient by phone or email within 24 hours. We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible and will offer an appointment as soon as possible.

Please identify any urgent referrals on the referral form and we will arrange the patients appointment at their earliest convenience. Once your patient has been booked with us you will receive a confirmation email.

2 – Initial Consultation

All patients will require an initial consultation. Patients will be informed if any special investigation tests are required (radiograph and CBCT scans). This will be discussed and arranged with the patient.

Once the results of the initial consultation are available these will be discussed with the patient and, if appropriate, treatment will be consented and booked. All associated fees will be discussed and detailed on a bespoke treatment plan. (Please find our pricelist below) Any potential alterations to treatment will be discussed with the referring dentist.

3 – Carrying out the Treatment Plan

All treatment will be carried out in line with best practice guidelines, in a manner as comfortable and pain-free as possible for the patient.

4 – After Care

Following the completion of treatment, a report will be sent to you. This will describe the treatment that has been provided. We will include our recommendations and details of any follow up care needed to conclude the treatment and discharge the patient back to your care.

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