A cosmetic filling is a dental treatment whereby composite white filling is used to cure a decayed tooth. This material is filled into the tooth to prevent the decay from spreading as well as to repair any damage that the tooth has gone through. It also reduces the chances of tooth extraction.

The treatment is also intended to prevent serious infections like an abscess.

Composite white filling is composed of acrylic resin and glass. Its white color helps it match the color of tooth, thus giving a natural look as compared to silver amalgam.

The Procedure Involved

A small hole is drilled into the tooth within the damaged area and then the filling is inserted in it completely. Dentist will also give a final polish to make sure that the filling gives a proper, clean and white look that matches your other teeth.

Why You Should come to our dental clinic and practice for Cosmetic Fillings?

  • Composite white fillings give natural look as they match the color of your teeth
  • Composite is a good choice when the decay is minor
  • Economical as compared to Veneer and dental crown
  • Treatment can be processed the same day
  • Less tooth structure is removed before the tooth is filled
  • Unlike other fillings, composites actually chemically bond to your tooth structure, giving further support to your tooth