Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal?

The pulp is the deeper inside section of the tooth. At our dental clinic & practice we use root canal treatment to treat any damage, inflammation or infection in the pulp. In this procedure, the damaged portion is removed and filled with material to seal the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Consultation

  • Duration: 30 mins
  • Price: Free


What are the symptoms and why do I need a Root Canal?

Dental pain is very difficult and can be very uncomfortable. It is better to seek immediate medical help and root canal dental treatment. The usual symptoms of root canal are:

  • Swelling or inflammation around tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Mild to severe pain

Risk and intricacies involved in root canal

Root canal dental treatment are mostly successfully. Once in a while, a root canal treatment will flop altogether, distinguish by an arrival of the pain. In few cases, an Apicectomy may take care of the issue.

How is it done?

This surgery is done in 2 stages:

  1. Your dentist will numb the area using an anaesthetic and then clean the damaged or infected pulp. Once cleaned, the dentist will shape the inside of the tooth and use filling material to fill and seal the tooth. Dentist may create a temporary crown or cap for your tooth. After the initial process, he will guide you on post surgical care and will recommend antibiotic to help heal the infection.
  2. After the infection has healed, the area will be cleaned and filled again and a permanent crown over the tooth will be placed to prevent damage.

Post treatment concerns

Tissue irritation, and inflammation may cause inconvenience for a couple of days. A subsequent review can screen tissue healing. Starting here on, brush and floss frequently, abstain from biting hard foods on the treated tooth and see us frequently.

Pulpotomy for Children

rc2This is similar to that of adults but in this case an infected or damaged pulp is removed from a child’s tooth as a result of cavities and decay.

This is important and should be done immediately to clean the bacteria as it might spread inside the tooth and cause severe infection infecting other teeth too.

A bacterial decay and damage can cause severe toothache in children, as a result of a large cavity.