Dental Bridge

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is an artificial tooth or set of teeth that are placed where one or more teeth are missing . It is anchored in place by crowns on either side of the missing teeth or tooth that have been placed over existing teeth. Existing teeth are prepared to accommodate crowns on top prior to placing the bridge.

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How is it done?

At our dental clinic and practice bridges are completed in 2 sittings with a certain time interval.

After appropriate assessment a tailor made treatment plan is provided to you.

  1. On the first visit to our dental clinic, the teeth on either side that have to accommodate the crowns are minimally prepared. Our main goal here is to preserve as much as  tooth structure as possible – Minimal invasive technique – approach!

    A portion of enamel is usually removed and the tooth is reshaped to accommodate the crown. The treatment areas are then scanned with our iTero scanner and then sent to the one of our certified dental laboratories. At this stage we provide a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth for use, until the permanent bridge is prepared.

  2. On the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed by by the dentist, and cemented by permanent bridge.

    Dentist will adjust and accommodate it until you are comfortable in chewing. You might be asked to chew a couple of times to check if you are comfortable.

What are the benefits of fixed bridges?

It can enhance the way you look, it replaces missing teeth and can be coordinated to the shade of your normal teeth. It can likewise enhance the way that you bite and talk.

Bridge can keep going for a long time, only if you keep it clean and there is no coincidental harm.

Bridge can shield regular teeth from wear and tear. A bridge can likewise keep your own particular teeth from moving or tilting out of line, which could make your teeth to bite together mistakenly.

The longitivtiy of a dental bridge depends on the patients maintance.

With confidence we provide 5 years guarantee for all or Emax and Zirkonia bridge work!

Please book your free consultation for more information.

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