Wedding Day Dental Special

Wedding Special Offer

Couple examination and Dental and Facial cosmetic consultation – £245

Wedding day is the most special day in anyone’s life and you just want everything to be perfect and absolutely stunning.

You want everything to just fit into its place so when after some years you go back and look at your wedding pictures, you are suddenly taken back to that very day and everything is just so vivid and beautiful.

On wedding day, the center of attention are the bride and groom.

It’s like they are the celebrities, surrounded by photographers and people and friends who are just eager to get one memorable picture with the couple.

Wouldn’t you want to flash your gorgeous and bright smile on such an important day?


Variety of Treatments

That’s where we come in. EGO dental clinic and practice prides itself over the Wedding day package that it offers. At our dental clinic ee offer a wide variety of treatments for both the bride and groom and offer special discount for couples.

Our clinic offers tooth whitening, polishes, veneers, composite bonded, smile make over, teeth straightening services so that when you smile the whole world stops and admires your smile!

What we recommend

In that regard, we recommend you to take appointment about 5-7 weeks in advance so that we can conduct a comprehensive dental exam of your mouth and recommend any other treatments needed and you have a good healing time available in hand.

After the exam, our dental experts sit and talk to you regarding your dental health and suggest possible treatments and alternatives. You can ask as many questions as you want unless you are satisfied.

Once you choose a treatment, we decide on a day and date and discuss how we will go about it to bring you into your comfort zone!

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