If your tooth is infected, most dentists recommend a root canal, which has a 90% success rate but sometimes, root canal might just not solve the problem alone and an Endodontic needs to be performed.

What is Apicoectomy?

This is defined as a process in which the tip of the root of the tooth is removed in order to save the tooth from being damaged or decay.

How is Apicoectomy done?

The root of a tooth holds it in place. The tip is often called the apex, which is the entrance for nerves and blood vessels into the tooth. During this process, the apex is removed with the infected tissue and then a tooth filling is used to seal the tooth end. This process takes 30 – 90 minutes and is done with a surgical microscope for precision.


Our experienced endodontists and root canal experts are available to guide you about this procedure.

Post Surgical Recovery Tips

It is very important to take proper care of your teeth after the Endodontic procedure to prevent any further damage and infection to your teeth. According to many of our patients; Endodontic takes much less time in healing as compared to a root canal.

Our experts will guide you after surgery but here are some basic tips to keep in mind post surgery:

  • Apply cold compress or ice to the surgery area for 10-12 hours post surgery
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking
  • Drinking very hot or very cold liquids
  • Chewing hard snacks or food
  • Putting strain on facial muscles
  • Take over the counter pain medications or as prescribed by dentist to ease any pain
  • Take antibiotics, if prescribed by your surgeon
  • Let your gum and teeth rest for a while

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