Dr. Cristina Isorna Suárez

GDC 246419

Patient Care and Satisfaction
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry; Aesthetic General Restorative, Fixed Dental and Implant Prostheses, Removable Conventional Prosthesis, Smile Design, Invisalign


DDS, Prosthodontics (NYU), Aesthetic Dentistry Clinical Teacher (Eastman, UCL), Invisalign Provider

Dr. Cristina Isorna has been in private practice in the UK since 2013, holding the position of Clinical Director at the first Branemark Centre in London. She also has an academic career as Clinical Teacher, Board Member and Examiner of the UCL Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry Programme.

In 2010, Dr. Isorna received her dental degree (DDS) and Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine from the University of San Pablo Ceu, Madrid.

Shortly after, she enrolled in the prestigious postgraduate program in Advanced Prosthodontics at the New York University College of Dentistry, where she was nominated for the Clinical Assistant Fellow, participating as a Clinical Researcher and Clinical Lecturer, with teaching and research responsibilities in the department of Prosthodontics. Her research interests are in the areas of aesthetic restorative and implant dentistry.

She covers all aspects of aesthetic dentistry, prosthodontic needs and is highly qualified for management of complex cases involving full mouth rehabilitations.

Dr. Isorna is an active participant in the dental community, including the American Dental Society of London and Bristish Dental Association.

Always wanting to be a healthcare professional, Dr. Cristina Isorna chose dentistry because it allows her to develop her most artistic side. “The smile is a part of the body that most influences one’s confidence and how you are perceived by others.”.

Cristina is completely driven and dedicated to her career, motivated to create a lasting positive impact in someone’s life. “To exceed each individual’s expectations together with immaculate patient care and attention it’s what I want all of my patients to experience when they come to visit us”